17 Step SEO Guide to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages

If you are reading this post that means you are aware that how important it is to rank in top positions in google for your e-commerce website. But If you are expert with E-commerce SEO, then you are going to miss a good amount of sales.

seo for ecommerce website

Do you know that around first organic ranking in google alone count for 34% of clicks for that query ( all paid non-paid combined. ) Also, 44% of online shoppers beginning their search with a search engine.

Below chart from advanced web ranking shows the organic click-through rates for searches coming from 9,253,948 keywords for 92,176 websites.

e commerce seo


If we describe it in layman’s terms? If your e-commerce website is not ranking high enough in google, you are missing a lot of business.

Do you want to rank product page for the e-commerce site? 

Wired SEO had put together 17 Step SEO Guide to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages.

ecommerce seo


Although everything about SEO for e-commerce sites is not covered in this infographic but yes it will help to optimize your e-commerce store for more conversions and higher ranking in google.

Now it’s time for you to implement the tactics from this step-by-step guide or Contact us and we can help you to rank your website in Top of Google. 

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<p>With the changing nature of the search engine result pages, the continued importance of mobile and Google’s ongoing algorithm updates, long-term SEO success requires more than just a tactical partner. We can help you in getting more customers with SEO.</p>

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