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Thanks for visiting the SEO Ireland website, We provide SEO Services to the Irish market and our company specialises in Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing  – our services will help to get your Website to rank in the top of Google search results.

There could be many reasons why your website is not currently appearing high enough in search results for your specific keywords - we are here to help you identify those problems and resolve them.

- We focus on Keywords ranking which will improve your search position which in turn should increase visitor traffic to your website.

We work with many businesses in Ireland and we deliver the results. 

If your website search position needs improving – let us help you now and request a free no obligation SEO Audit and Quotation

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SEO Ireland - Things to Know before you Start with us

Within our team we have over 20 years of SEO expertise to get your business ranking high up to in Google search results – The SEO process can be involved and some results may take 2/3 months to improve rankings and even longer for some competitive keywords. It’s Important to understand that there is no magical method that will bring your website to the top of Goole rankings in just a few days and as importantly it is worth noting that we strictly follow google guideline in all the technical activity we undertake to improve the search position of your website

Seo offers a visible and effective search improvement activity which delivers higher ranking results which should in turn lead to a considerable increase in sales, profitability and cost efficiency for your business

The search engine optimization facilities we offer include such core services as Organic Search, On-page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report

How does Google decide what position on their search engines a website should appear?

Google uses mathematical tools called algorithms to review the contents of your website - there are over 200 factors that these algorithms review and the more factor matches your web site contains the higher your placing will be on the search result page

What do SEO companies do? & What is our SEO process?

We review your website and make both technical non technical changes which match as closely as possible the 200 plus factors that the search engines look for. Then with help of different methods, we will acquire quality links to your website.

Our SEO Process

  1. We carry out an initial review of your website to ensure we can make the improvements required to get you to the first page - we send you the results of this review  - its technical but not impossible to understand
  1. We then outline to you what level of improvement we will expect to achieve and how long that will take – for example “Your website will appear within the top five positions on page one of the search engine for the following key words within three months”
  1. You pay an initial €99 sign up fee ( for 5 keywords plan ) and commit to an ongoing SEO maintenance fee of €199 per month ( for 5 keywords ) – this is a non contract agreement which can be cancelled with 30 days notice
  1. We commence the work and we report every month on the work that has been carried out. We also provide a monthly report which shows the position achieved that month for each keyword or key phrase. We also provide Google Analytics reports which measures trends in website visitor traffic
  1. You can check the validity of this work at anytime during the month by keying in your keywords or phrases and seeing what position your website appears on the search engines
  1. You can add additional key words or phrases at any time at an additional charge
Can you provide an example of the results for an existing client where work has already been carried out?

In 2013 one of our clients who were involved in the cleaning industry spent €7308 on Google Adwords.

Throughout the year their ads appeared on average at between position 1.5 and 2.8 on the front page of Google Ads

During that year they had 11489 visitors to their website and 29686 page views

In 2014 they commenced SEO with us and their website were at position between 1 and 3 after Google sponsored Ads

During that year they secured 10897 site visitors and 28567 page views and the cost of the SEO fees for the year were under €2400

Net result - a 67% reduction in costs with a negligible reduction in site visits and page views

There are other case studies as well ( we helped many Businesses to cut costs and increase organic traffic to websites )


Within 3 months we will bring your website to positions 1-5 on the top page of Google and other main search engines for your Keywords.

Monthly SEO maintenance activity will be carried out to maintain that position on an ongoing basis.

An activity report of the SEO work carried out will provided monthly

A ranking report by keyword will also be provided to you each month so that position performance can be monitored

Our offer includes up to 5 Keywords of your choice - additional key words can be added as required

 The agreement will be month to month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice – no termination Fees

€99 Initial Set Up plus €199 per month

If you would like us to proceed with the first part of the process or if you have any questions and would like a more detailed explanation on the process contact us on 01 44 34 249 

Once my website is listed at the beginning of the search page results what happens next

The algorithms that search engine companies’ use are changed and added to on an ongoing basis therefore the website has also to be maintained constantly from an SEO point of view to keep pace with the changing algorithms

Do we follow Google Guideline?

Yes, we provide white hat SEO Service only and follows Google webmaster Guidelines, If you are looking for black hat SEO or want to do it for your competitor: we are not right place for you.

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